At the University of Michigan, Dr. Sonya Dal Cin teaches the following courses:

  • COMM 281 (Media Psychology)
  • COMM 488 (Media Effects Topics: Health Communication and Health Behavior Change)
  • COMM 783 (Research Methods II: Quantitative Methods)
  • COMM 810 (Seminar in Communication: Mass Media and Health Behavior)

Details, including scheduling and availability, are available on the LS&A Course Guide. Students already enrolled in these courses should consult their CTools workspace for links to class information and materials.

Please note that these courses are often waitlisted. Permissions to enroll are only granted after the start of term and are issued based on the Department of Communication Studies Waitlist and Permission Policies. Students who wish to take these courses but are not enrolled or waitlisted on Wolverine Access prior to the end of the pre-registration period must see Dr. Dal Cin in class in order to request addition to the waitlist. Under no circumstances will students be issued permissions to enroll in courses before attending a class meeting. Also, all students should be aware that the two-class rule is enforced in Communication Studies courses.

Students with questions about waitlist procedures are encouraged to consult the complete Waitlist and Priorities document, available from the undergraduate program section of the Department of Communication Studies website.